Remember the "Roadrunner Summer Sampler CD Poll"??? Well, your answers have made us decide to do another sampler. This time around, the title is no more catchy than before (simply "Roadrunner Records Sampler"), but there are more songs AND some never heard before tracks by FEAR FACTORY, SEPULTURA, & DOWNER!. This is a great chance to check out some new shit we'll be bringing you in 2001. The track listing will be as follows: Spineshank - "New Disease" and "The Height Of Callousness" - from their 2000 release THE HEIGHT OF CALLOUSNESS Sepultura - "Sepulnation" and "One Man Army" - from their upcoming 2001 release NATION Downer - "Last Time" and "Speed Teeth" - from their upcoming 2001 self titled release Glassjaw - "Pretty Lush" - from their 2000 release EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SILENCE Ill Nino - "Nothing's Clear" - demo version, to be on their upcoming 2001 debut release 36 Crazyfists - "Circle The Drain" - demo version, to be on their 2001 debut release BITTERNESS THE STAR Brujeria - "Brujerizmo" - need I say more? From their 2000 release by the same title Soulfly - "Boom" - from the 2000 release PRIMITIVE Fear Factory - "What Will Become" - from their upcoming 2001 release DIGIMORTAL Damn, that took longer to write than I thought! Anyway, how can you get it? Since this is simply a promotional item, you can't buy it. Word is that these samplers will be distributed at various SnoCore (Fear Factory) shows and at Soulfly/Pantera shows. And of course, I am sure we will be giving out about a grand or so of them in the Free Shit section of our site. Keep your eyes peeled, these samplers should be ready come mid-January.