Roadrunner is proud to announce the signing of UK power metal masters, Dragonforce. The band's Roadrunner US debut, Inhuman Rampage, was released in the UK, mainland Europe and Japan on January 9th to critical raves such as these... "Make no mistake, this is a revolutionary album, one that will herald a sea of change in metal. While other bands want to be bigger than Metallica, Dragonforce have the capacity to be bigger than Star Wars." - Metal Hammer "Here is a Brit-based power metal outfit truly deserving of the 'power' prefix, who come along with a genuine sense of fun and more shredding ability than an army of Yngwies." - Classic Rock Magazine Since forming in London in 1999, Dragonforce has taken UK, European and Japanese audiences by storm. The brainchild of guitarists - Hong Kong born Herman Li and New Zealander Sam Totman - along with South African emigre ZP Theart on vocals, Dragonforce (then called Dragon Heart) were quick to carve their name in stone with metal fans. The balance of the band - Dave Mackintosh (British), Vadim Pruzhanov (Ukranian) and Frederic Leclercq (French) - make Dragonforce a true meeting of great international musical minds. 2003's debut album Valley of the Damned and 2004's Sonic Firestorm set the stage and standard for a sound combining the primal force of power metal with hard-earned musical proficiency, old-school thrash, and muscular melody. "You cannot liken Dragonforce to anything that has come before in metal," states Roadrunner A&R man Mike Gitter. "Listening to Dragonforce is almost overwhelming. The sheer energy, vibe and audacity of it all...every chord just oozes with the spirit of triumph!" Now with third album, Inhuman Rampage, and a deal for North America with Roadrunner, Dragonforce are set to become a major force on the worldwide metal scene. "As a new band, I was thrilled when we toured Japan on our debut album. When we were chosen to tour with Iron Maiden on our second album last year, I was equally fired up. Now, the most exciting of them all is signing with Roadrunner for our new album Inhuman Rampage!" says Herman Li. "We know our fans in North America have been waiting a long time for us. Here we come!" Here they come, indeed: prepare for the onslaught as Dragonforce arrive in the U.S. in late April, for a tour with RR labelmates Sanctity. Visit the Dragonforce's WEBSITE to learn more. Inhuman Rampage is due out in North America on Roadrunner in the summer of 2006.