Roadrunner Records love seeing our fans tattoo our artists logos, lyrics or sometimes faces on their body. Every tattoo has a story. Longtime Roadrunner fan and producer Don DeBiase explains why he tattooed certain Roadrunner Records Artists on his body.

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"As a musician growing up I started playing guitar when I was 12. All my life I listened to metal and rock. Since I had a decent career in music and I still tour and produce records today, I thought I would do a sleeve of all the bands that not only influenced me but had some sort of an impact on the time of my life."


"When I was at a party in '98 Slipknot was playing in the background. I never heard of them before and I was asking ever person there what band this was. Nobody knew, so I went to the player and ejected the disk. Turns out it was their self titled debut album. I listened to that album everyday for a straight year and even bought a jumpsuit! Seeing them live was nostalgic. They brought back the big live show production with the pyro, hydraulic drumsets, etc. It was the only show that brought tears to my eyes."

I first heard of Sepultura when I watched their video for "Dead Embryonic Cells." The middle breakdown riff totally hooked me. To this day their show in Cleveland at the Agora Theater on Dec 17th 1993 is of my favorite shows. This was the show that made me want to become a touring musician. In addition, I have always loved Max image/style etc. and even played a B.C. Rich Warlock for a bit cause of him.

This tattoo has a very special meaning to me. The band grew up 15 minutes from where I lived and I practiced with my band right next door to their practice space. We found out they were signed to Roadrunner Records and from hearing them practice you just KNEW this was going to be big. Seeing them return home and open for Slipknot in front of thousands of fans was amazing.

Machine Head-

I saw Machine Head open for Slayer and Biohazard in '95. The music scene was shifting back then and alternative was taking off. I needed something new and heavy. I found Machine Head on the RR Revolution Sampler. Their video for Dividian blew me away and then seeing it live it shifted everything again and later in life. I look up to Robb Flynn so much and how he evolved image wise and writing throughout the years.