You might not believe it based on the amount of time some of our bands spend on the road, but Roadrunner artists do more than just write, record and perform music. They all have outside interests, and most if not all of them are avid readers. So we've decided to ask them what they've been reading lately, for a periodic feature we're calling the Roadrunner Summer Reading List. Maybe you'll spot something here that will interest you, too!

This week, we've got a recommendation from Jesse Leach of Times of Grace.

Jesse recommends Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. He says, "This book is a detailed description of his struggles and misadventures in the underbelly of the NYC Culinary scene  circa 1970s-80s. I am a fan of his show [No Reservations, on the Travel Channel] but a bigger fan of the world of chefs and food in NYC back in the day. He lived like a rock star for real and he leaves nothing out. It's a great read, never a dull moment and he gives good advice to food lovers and aspiring chefs like myself. I highly recommend it."