In an interview with Muen Magazine earlier this summer, Rob Zombie bassist Piggy D. (real name Matt Montgomery) discusses the origins of his gnarly nickname, and how he came to join Rob Zombie's band. Having been in the fold for nearly 5 years, Piggy D. along with longtime Zombie guitarist John 5 and newly christened touring drummer Joey Jordison have just recorded three brand new songs together, which will be released on the special edition of Hellbilly Deluxe 2, out on September 28th. The expanded set will also include a bonus DVD with footage shot by all 4 band members and much more. Go here to get the full details.

MsBrandyRock:  How did you get your stage name?

Piggy D:  The first touring band I was in, in Texas, I was 16 years old.  The band was called Spunk.  All the guys in the band were 8 to 10 years older than me and their slogan that was painted on the side of their kick drum said ‘Burly Pig Rock’.  Since I was the youngest guy in the band they would haze me, kinda like fraternity initiations.  When I would fall asleep in the van, they would write with permanent maker ‘the burly piglet’ on my chest, draw a pig, cut my hair, all kinds of horrible things.  And it just stuck they called me Piglet.  And it stuck through every band I was in.  And I knew a hundred Matt’s so it was just easier, ‘oh this Piglet guy’.

MsBrandyRock:  So you decided to go with Piggy instead of Piglet?

Piggy D: Yeah, it would insinuate that not only am I very small but I’m also very young, which I’m not anymore.

MsBrandyRock:  How did you cross paths with Rob Zombie?

Piggy D:  I met him as a fan years ago, when I was a kid, several times.  But I met him through some mutual friends.  His old bass player and I got to be friends and actually did some writing together for Rob, 3 years prior to me being in the band.  His bass player called me up one day; I’m actually a guitar player.  He was like ‘hey I’m gonna join Ozzy’s band, do you want to take over for me?’  And I’m like well I’m not a bass player.

MsBrandyRock:  Blasko right?

Piggy D:  Yeah, and he was like you can do it.  He asked if I could be there tomorrow.  I was in Boston at the time making a record.  I flew out to LA and two weeks later I did David Letterman with Rob and that was it.  That was 4 and a half years ago.

MsBrandyRock:  Do you prefer to play guitar or bass?

Piggy D:  The more time that goes by, I’m actually considering myself a bass player.  Guitar is always going to be my first instrument and I write on a guitar.  When I’m at home I play guitar.  I don’t know.  I guess I like them both equally now.

Read the whole interview right here.