In anticipation of the April 30th horror flick hitting theaters, checked in with a panel of metal experts to pose one simple question: Are you excited for the new A Nightmare On Elm Street

Read on to see what Rob Zombie, Jeff Kendrick & Jon Miller of DevilDriver and Bryan Crouch of Hail the Villain had to say, and go here to get the full article also featuring Chino Moreno, Shavo Odadjian, Kerry King and more.

Rob Zombie

"Once we get on the road, we see pretty much every movie, so I suppose seeing A Nightmare On Elm Street will be the first band activity [Laughs]. I know very little about it. I like to stay in a vacuum with a lot of things. I've seen a couple of pictures but I hardly ever watch TV, so I haven't seen any trailers. I'd rather go and check it out fresh. Sometimes, by the time you get to the movies, you've seen every good scene and every good moment. So I've pretty much ignored everything up to this point [Laughs]."

Jeff Kendrick — Devildriver

"I am extremely excited for the new A Nightmare on Elm Street. Seeing the new trailer has got me thrilled! I can't wait to see Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger. When I saw the trailer, the dream sequences instantly hooked me. The modern film technology paired with the original script idea should make for an amazing film. I first saw A Nightmare on Elm Street when I was nine, and I was scared for life! Luckily, I'm able to enjoy the new version instead of running out of the room or hiding under the bed this time!"

Jon Miller — Devildriver

"I am totally fucking stoked on the new A Nightmare On Elm Street movie. I saw the trailer and thought immediately that this is gonna be good. I was a little let down by some of the humor in the Friday the 13th remake, but Nightmare looks pretty dark....that's what I really want out of it. I saw the original Nightmare when I was eight-years-old and what completely horrified by the idea of a character like Freddy. I remember the school bus sequence in the beginning of the sequel and that was as far as I could get at that point. I would return to finish the film years later."

Bryan Crouch — Hail the Villain

"I was forced to watch Nightmare on Elm Street 5 when I was really young. It'd been out for a long time, but I think I had nightmares forever. I just couldn't take it [Laughs]. I will end up seeing the new Nightmare once someone forces me to! Jackie Earle Haley is so fantastic."