Rob Zombie was recently interviewed by, and he had nothing but good things to say about the latest addition to his band, drummer Ginger Fish.

Says Zombie, "Ginger has jumped in and really is a big part of [the music]. For the first time ever, there are four people all on the same page. That's very exciting. I've never had that situation so it's pretty wild." He continues, "He's a phenomenal drummer. I didn't know how fucking good he was. He doesn't get the credit he deserves. His strong point is his groove playing, which is great. That's really what we like to do. A lot of drummers can't do that well. They can do other things, but you either have that or you don't. He's really good at that. There are certain songs we've played for years that have never quite sounded right. A song like 'More Human Than Human' has a repetitive groove. If you don't really get the groove down, the song can be really monotonous to listen to and he nailed it."

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Zombie and his band will be on a co-headlining US tour with Megadeth next month; click here to find a show near you!