Rob Zombie was interviewed by, and had a lot to say about his current band, what he sees as the atmosphere for metal and hard rock in 2012, touring with Megadeth, and much more.

"The band’s chemistry right now I would describe as perfect," he says. "I’ve always had great musicians going in and out of the band, good people and what not – I don’t always have four people who are on the same page conceptually. Sometimes you get people that don’t want to do certain things, they’re not into it or whatever and this is the first time I’ve had everybody in the band just totally down with whatever crazy things we’ll do."

Zombie doesn't recall much about the last time he toured with Megadeth, in the '90s; he says, "We played three shows. I’m pretty sure one of them was Dayton, Ohio. All I remember is Megadeth and Pantera seemed to be always fighting with each other. That’s my memory of it [laughs]. I do remember one show I think I had a broken rib and it was miserable to play 'cause our drummer at the time, John Tempesta, was throwing things at me – these are the things I remember, I don't really remember much [laughs]."

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Rob Zombie tour dates run through the end of May.