Rob Zombie is in the business of scaring people, and that's exactly why Extreme Makeover: Home Edition brought him in to help out with the 'Nightmare Factory' -- the Oregon School for the Deaf's primary fundraiser. While the show's crew was on hand to upgrade the school's dormitory, they found the facilities of the haunted house they run every October to be in need of some redoing as well. Zombie, having just lent his horror-making skills to Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights, answered the call and helped perfect the scary establishment. If you missed the show, which aired last night on ABC, watch the video clip below now to see Zombie and the Nightmare Factory in action!

Zombie has told the Wall Street Journal of the result, "That show does insane stuff... the school just had a dirt floor and [the show] laid down 10,000 square feet of concrete. They also only had three outlets, so the show put in like 300. For the house, they added animatronic characters that flail around, and they rebuilt the house. It really is something like out of Disneyland."