Rob Zombie has not only taken the imagined species of undead brains-fiends as his surname, but the revered artist also has his infamous moniker associated with one of the biggest horror movies ever (re)made: Halloween.

To further state the obvious, it's that time of year, and in keeping with Rob's affinity for horror films and zombies, The Daily Beast caught up with the singer/ director to get his list of classic zombie movies. Name-checking White Zombie (1932), Re-Animator (1985), 28 Days Later... (2002) and more, go right here to not only see the full list of "gory movies that will shock you into spending Halloween indoors," but to also see what Rob had to say about each one.

Further to his affinity for all things Halloween, Rob and his wife Sheri Moon Zombie will be hosting Spookshow International tonight on Sirius/XM. Tune in to channel 113/channel 227 from 6pm - 9pm EST... Halloween fun for all!

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