ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition just filmed its Halloween episode, bestowing students at the Oregon School for the Deaf with brand new dorm rooms and a renovated haunted house -- the "Nightmare Factory" -- to raise funds for the school. While the series has had some special guests and musicians join in the builds, this episode appropriately boasts an appearance from none other than Rob Zombie, who helped design the Nightmare Factory.

"It's absolutely amazing to be able to help the school with something like this.  Usually what I do does not come into play, so to be asked to come do something to work on a haunted house and make it as scary and crazy as I could to help the school was awesome.  It was a rare opportunity to put some evil to good use," said Rob Zombie.

Local news site KEZI reports that more than 200 people bought VIP tickets to be the first to get a sneak peak at the haunted house, and has posted some testimonials of those who got to preview the haunt.

"I think what they're liking best is it's so detailed." explains Zombie.  "They seemed blown away when they went through, how detailed the sets were and the fact the walls and the characters were all animatronic and just flying off the walls everywhere.  It's pretty amazing."

Go right here to learn more and to watch the news clip that aired on Oregon's local channel 9 news station. Check your local listings for the premiere of Rob Zombie's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition appearance.

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