Just last night, Rob Zombie was the special guest on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, and if you missed the 3am air-time, we've got the video footage of his Fox & Friends appearance for you to check out below. Zombie stopped in while passing through town on the Halloween Hootenanny Tour with Alice Cooper and Murderdolls to answer for his 7 Grammy nominations, 5 Major Motion Pictures, and rumors Greg Gutfeld is spreading about him eating babies? Watch the charismatic musician/ film director take it all in stride:

Rob Zombie has just released the Special Edition of Hellbilly Deluxe 2. Featuring three brand new tracks recorded with his current line-up: Zombie, guitarist John 5, bassist Piggy D. and drummer Joey Jordison, as well as a bonus DVD documentary shot by the aforementioned bandmates as well as some expanded artwork. Get your copy HERE.