Rob Zombie recently gave an interview to the Toronto Sun, wherein he discusses how he divides his time and attention between movies and music, as well as his co-headlining tour with Slayer, which kicks off tonight.

Says Zombie, "when I'm on tour, unless I'm writing music, the music doesn't take a lot of thought. You just have to physically be there and play the shows and tour. But while I'm doing that, I'm always working on setting up the next film or project or working on a script on a day off in a hotel room. So the films are always sort of lingering in my mind. The music, not so much. I don't really think about music when I'm not working on it. But it gets harder and harder to compartmentalize them. I've thrown myself deeper into the music in the past couple of years, so they clash a little more than they used to."

Regarding the Hell On Earth tour with Slayer, which kicks off tonight and runs through August 6, he says, "You want to go out there and be the best you can. At the same time, it's nice when the bands aren't trying to do the same thing. Our show is more theatrical than theirs, and obviously we don't play as fast and heavy as they do."

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