Rob Zombie was recently interviewed by the Canadian news channel CTV while on tour with Slayer. Among other subjects, he discussed his current live set and the state of the music business generally.

Says Zombie, "Young bands come up to me all the time and ask me for advice. I don't even know how they're going to do it. So many of the tools that were so prominent, like MTV, aren't there any more. At the same time, when we were breaking there was no Internet. There was no Facebook. You were at the mercy of your record company to give a shit. Now, if you're industrious, you can be in charge of your own career. I don't know if they'll be selling out arenas, but they can keep themselves from going bankrupt. My goal was to be able to survive off making music. Anything after that was gravy."

Regarding live performance, he says, "I'm perfectly happy to play songs that people want to hear. But you don't want your set to consist of the same ten songs for the next 40 years. A lot of bands do that."

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