June 15th, 2010 marks the release date of the first studio album in 17 years from The Steve Miller Band. While fans have had a chance to hear "Hey Yeah" off the upcoming album, and view some videos showing some behind-the-scenes footage from the studio, and what to expect live on stage this summer, anticipation for Bingo! is still growing. And judging by what Rolling Stone had to say about the album, it's for good reason.

Writes the heralded publication, "After nearly two decades, the Gangster of Love is back... On his first studio album in 17 years, Steve Miller returns to his blues roots but gives BINGO! the slick party-pop vibe of classic Miller albums like The Joker and Fly Like an Eagle. With singer Sonny Charles of the Checkmates, Miller and the band beef up bar-blues warhorses like “Rock Me Baby.” He puts his own mellow voice to spacier, early-Fleetwood-Mac-like takes on songs such as Otis Rush’s “All Your Love (I Miss Loving)” and veers into schmaltziness on the R&B duet “Sweet Soul Vibe.” Miller doesn’t say anything here that he hasn’t said before, but hardcore fans will be glad he’s saying anything at all."
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