Roadrunner Records’ recent signing Young the Giant, formerly known as The Jakes, discuss their new name change, saying, “As individuals, musicians, and friends, the five of us have inexplicably grown since the days of high school. At one point in time, The Jakes used to be an identity that we took pride and meaning in, it wasn't necessarily any literal meaning, but rather the feeling of belonging to something greater than the sum of its individual parts. As we grow, however, we seem to be traveling farther and farther from this identity that we had crafted for ourselves in youth.”

The band’s vocalist/percussionist Sameer Gadhia further explains how they came to Young the Giant, saying, “After several months [of contemplating names] it became apparent to us that our methodical practice of list-making, note-taking, and quote-reading became as forced as our marriage to the old name. It was then that we came up with, Young the Giant -- a moniker that we found ourselves proud to be a part of.

“It spoke to us in some foreign language, but it was soothing, and we felt a warmth in it that had long ago run aft. It was the first in a thousand names that we could see ourselves being a part of... Now, it expresses our fight, and the perennial fight for youthful exuberance in a world where things and people are forced to grow so fast -- the giant fight that youth from every generation must forever brave against cynicism and disillusion, even in the mental strength of old age. Most importantly the name feels like home to us.”

In closing, Gadhia reminds fans that, “A name is a name, and only serves to unite individuals under a common feeling of togetherness.  What's important is not the title, but the substance.” And urges fans to read a story by the Grimm Brothers by the same name as the band, citing, “This story made us fall in love with the name even more.”

Young the Giant are gearing up to enter the studio with Grammy Award-winning producer Joe Chiccarelli (The Shins, White Stripes, Raconteurs, My Morning Jacket).

“We have much to learn from him, and now, with 95% of our album written, we can’t wait to make this final and most crucial step,” expounds Sameer. “Following the studio, we will hit the road harder than we have ever before for better part of the next 2 years. We hope to play for all of you around the world that have been rooting for us since day one. We thank you for all of your continued support, and with the induction of Young the Giant, I hope it finds you at home with us.”

Read the band’s full statement here and see upcoming tour dates below.

Jan 11 2010 San Diego, Ca @ Casbah w/ Alberta Cross
Jan 12 2010 Costa Mesa, Ca @ Detroit Bar w/ Alberta Cross
Jan 14 2010 Los Angeles, Ca @ Troubadour w/ Alberta Cross
Jan 27 2010 Los Angeles, Ca @ Loyola Marymount Univ Living Room (Students Only)
Jan 29 2010 Santa Cruz, Ca @ Catalyst Atrium
Jan 30 2010 Palo Alto, Ca @ Stanford University (Students Only)