3 million people watch the show Road Rules each and every week...soon, all will be able to rock out to it each and every day. Come August 6th, we will be releasing the first ever Road Rules compilation, a cd entitled Don't Make Me Pull This Thing Over, Vol. 1. The bands? Actually, a great fuckin' collection, including our very own Sinch and 36 Crazyfists. Who else? Read on...you gonna like... Rule I: What do you know about life as a band on the road? Probably, jack shit. Accordingly, we have done our best to bring you closer - we asked all 21 bands on this compilation fifteen questions about life on the road. Curious? Sure ya are...check out www.RoadrunnerRecords.com/RoadRules for the results. we thank each and every band who took the time to answer the questions with all our hearts Actually, the responses are pretty frickin' amusing. Check out the page and enjoy (note: therein you will find track listing). Rule II: What do you know about the music of the band's on this compilation? Probably, a whole hell of a lot. If you want to hear more, we urge you to check out www.MTV.com for a full listening preview of the soundtrack (note: therein you will find track listing). Rule III: Do you like dogs? We have no idea what that is supposed to mean... Take your time, site back, and check out the above two links... Road Rules compilation in stores August 6th