The latest edition of the Roadrunner family comes to us from Los Angeles. Signed by Kevin Estrada - the same man who has brought us Spineshank, Chimaira and Anyone - we present to you Rumblefish - a four piece outfit consisting of Possum Hill on drums, Jason DeCosta on guitar, Mike Ryan on vocals, and a man known only as Dungis on bass. Formed two years ago in Hollywood, Rumblefish has already toured with or supported such national acts as Linkin Park, Crazy Town, Hed(pe), Soulfly, Mudvayne, and Kottonmouth Kings. What's in a live show? Everything. That is the ultimate musical experience...Previously in 2001 on the annual Smoke Out mini-tour, a tour which saw Roadrunner's own Fear Factory, Machine Head, and Ill Nino perform, Rumblefish was there too. How? Cypress Hill, headliners of this annual tour, put together a contest consisting of local LA bands - a contest which would give the winner the opening slot on Smoke Out. Rumblefish was invited to play the Fat Festival in San Bernardino, CA, with ten other bands, a competition for this opening slot. The band with the biggest crowd reaction got the slot on Smoke Out. In "old school Gong Show style" fashion, B-Real had the crowd cheer for the bands they saw that day...hands down, Rumblefish took the prize. The actual day Rumblefish signed? Well, actually a bit Rumblefish actually signed to Roadrunner when we put them in the studio to record some demos for us - that was their signing to Roadrunner. It was a later date when the powers that be at Roadrunner heard the demos, and made everything final. Oh, the demos...speaking of which, after first hearing the demos and before delivering to Roadrunner, A&R Rep Kevin told the band "don't worry, your signed - it's done." More recently he states "I am very excited about my new band, Rumblefish. After working with the band on our demos, I realized that this band has more talent and more creativity than I had ever a band and as individuals. I can't wait to get started on the record, I know it is going to be amazing!" We know too...and soon you will as well. Next order of business: Hunt down Kevin Estrada and get one of those demo tracks up here on the site for you all to hear. Recording details and more news to come...including some interesting past facts on this band (yep, they have a previous history with RR) Rumblefish, welcome. more information coming soon - see Rumblefish ARTIST page