The CBC has posted a gallery of the 25 Greatest Canadian Guitarists Ever - and honestly, we've never heard of most of them. But their #1 pick is Rush's Alex Lifeson, and we couldn't agree more. Here's what they said about him:

"The most impressive thing about Rush guitarist Lifeson may be his ability to keep up with his virtuoso bandmates Neil Peart and Geddy Lee. For over 4 decades, Lifeson has been seamlessly transitioning from complicated rhythm patterns to searing solos. His influence on shredders is undeniable, though his own playing borrows from jazz, reggae and funk. Guitar nerds love him for heady prog finger exercises like '2112' and 'YYZ.' Everyone else loves him for timeless rock riffs like 'Working Man' and 'The Spirit of Radio.'"

Rush's latest album, Clockwork Angels, is available everywhere now - grab a copy from the Roadrunner webstore!