has posted an interview with Rush bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee, in which he talks about the rigors of touring, how the band has kept its lineup solid for so many years, and much more.

Says Lee of life on the road, "I think the physical part of it takes its toll on me, and the other guys I know for sure. Staying healthy becomes a more difficult challenge, and as the tour winds on, nerves fray in a different way than they used to. Although, you have more confidence than when you were younger, and more command of your instrument [and], as a result, more command of your audience's attention, which makes it easier."

He also says laughs and shared musical tastes have kept Rush's lineup stable for over three decades: "We all like making the same kind of music, which I think is the one thing that kills a lot of bands: the fact that their tastes start changing, and the thing they want to put in their music is not something the other guys agree with. We don't have that problem here. The other thing that breaks up most bands is interpersonal relationships. We don't have that problem either, because we do get along well and we respect each other. Most of the time the biggest concern we have is, who is going to say something funnier? Where we get into one-upmanship is in the comedy department, not the music department. I think those things combined have really helped keep this band going."

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