Rush frontman Geddy Lee gave a long interview to Rolling Stone this week, talking about the end of the epic Clockwork Angels tour, the band's upcoming live release, which will be available everywhere November 19, the remix of their Vapor Trails album, and much more.

Says Lee, "I worked really hard at being in shape for the tour. I was anticipating the difficulty of it. Our pacing is a little better. We had no back-to-back shows, and I spent my days off in the most boring possible way, just resting my voice.  So I finished the tour feeling good. I'm usually kind of dragging my ass home at the end of the tour. This time I felt like, 'I've still got a month of gigs left in me.' But Alex was done in and Neil has a small child at home. He had to get home. So, that's cool. I understand that it's time to knock it on the head."

Rush has a lot of live albums, but Lee says the forthcoming Rush: Clockwork Angels Tour is unique, because "we had the added interest on this tour of having a string section on songs that we didn't originally have strings on. That was kind of fun for us too. So we really wanted to get it down on tape. For us, even more than an album, a DVD starts to represent an accurate document of that moment in our lives." This was Rush's first time employing outside musicians; as Lee says, "It's mental what we do onstage. I would never recommend it to anyone, but it became our thing. It became a thing I do and now I've become a little addicted to complexity on stage. When I have a song where I don't have much pedal work, I feel like there's not enough going on. It's a real challenge to learn it all and organize it all. I sure feel like it would be real nice to play bass all night."

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