Rush drummer Neil Peart writes extended essays on his blog,, when his schedule permits. He's always got something fascinating to say about traveling and the people he meets, and frequently offers backstage insights about recording and touring with Rush. The latest installment includes his thoughts on the final night of the band's North American tour in support of Clockwork Angels. He says, in part:


"Before soundcheck at the final show, in Houston on December 2, the three of us gathered in front of the string players, which had become a daily custom. After they had tested their instruments and monitors, and before we all played together, I would sit cross-legged on the subwoofer behind my drums, while Alex and Geddy came in from their sides of the stage and we talked and joked for a few minutes with the 'stringers.'

"By now the soundcheck routine was well established. Together we played the first half of 'Clockwork Angels'and the first half of 'Red Sector A,' which checked out everybody’s various 'systems.' Then the three of us gave sound engineer Brad the beginning of the opening song, 'Subdivisions,' so he was set for the start of the show. When Brad had heard enough, he would shoot up his hand for us to stop, and that became a game among us—watching for that upraised hand, and stopping immediately, laughing as we all froze on the same beat."

There's much, much more—read the whole thing!

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