The forthcoming Rush album Clockwork Angels was reviewed in depth by writer Joe Bosso at, in a track-by-track analysis that confirms what everyone who's heard it agrees - it rules. Here are a few excerpts:

"Whereas the single version of 'BU2B' that was released last year kicked down the barn door without warning, now it begins with lightly strummed acoustics. The main riff is just as smashing, however, a growling, grinding earth-mover over which [Geddy] Lee sings, 'I was brought up to believe the universe has a plan/ we are only human, it's not ours to understand.'"

"It's interesting how few bassists can drive the melodic center of a song without coming off as scenery chewers," the site says of the song "The Anarchist." "Geddy Lee fills the room here, particularly in the chorus, and he's supported by [Alex] Lifeson and [Neil] Peart, both of whom allow him to reach into himself."

"Calling any one song a tour de force on an album this bountiful is difficult, but this seven-minute monster oozes with virtuosic zeal and stirring lyricism," Bosso writes of the band's latest single, "Headlong Flight." "Lee kicks it all off with a spacey bass figure, which morphs into a full-throttle, all-hands-on-deck assault that builds in intensity...A roller-coaster ride of unison guitar and bass almost runs off the tracks, but Peart is guiding it, battering and rolling. He breaks free for a brief, razzmatazz solo, but the pleasure in the gesture is that it really matters...By now, one expects big climatic solos from Lifeson, and the kicker is how he taps the mother lode time after time. His wah set piece is all over the place, a huge and gleaming star turn, reckless and daring, as chaotic as surreal comedy and as outrageous as a man chasing a roomful of cats. Bask in the divine madness."

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Clockwork Angels will be available everywhere June 12. Rush tour dates have already been announced, and will kick off in September.