the following update was taken verbatim from LIFE OF AGONY drummer Sal Abruscato is auctioning off a Yamaha drum kit on eBay. Described by Sal as "one of my favorite kits of all time," the kit is "a Yamaha Maple Custom Kit signed by all the original members of LIFE OF AGONY including myself," said Abruscato. "This kit was used on the LIFE OF AGONY 'Ugly' recording, 95/96 'Ugly Tour', 'River Runs Again Live 2003' DVD/Album, 'River Runs Again US Tour 2004'. "12x"9, "13x"11 Toms and "18x"16 Fl Tom are autographed by all 4 members. Kick is "22x"16. All in natural lacquered finish. Kit is in excellent shape and has a great history to it. It's time for me to make space in the studio so it needs a good loving home. Front logo kick head is unfortunately not included. Also comes with heavy-duty tom stand w/ extra back up tom holders." The asking price is $1,685.00 and the starting bid is $895.00. Auction ends March 7. For more information, visit the auction page at this location.