Earlier this afternoon, Marketing Matt was running around the office with the utmost enthusiasm, much like that of a little boy whom just got his first look at a Playboy mag, passing something out...turns out what he was spreading was the latest Roadrunner 'seasonal' sampler. Here forward, we will refer to this latest sampler as the Road Rage Sampler. Why that name? Check out the cover of this piece - CLICK HERE...make sense now? Anyway, talk about a track listing, many a cat here were blown away whilst reading it...do you realize there is a Nailbomb track on this sampler "For Fuck's Sake"? (that just so happens to be the title of the song too) It's true! There is also a new track from 36 Crazyfists and a demo from Killswitch Engage...some pretty heavy shit. Right about at this time whilst initially looking through the track listing, Ro chimes in exclaiming "this is all heavy, run you down on the street type of shit!" No doubt... We'll be giving 100 of these away on the website here in the near future, and Ro's merry band of Road Crew teamers will be hitting the streets with thousands more... It is with great pleasure we share with you the 14 song track listing on the Road Rage sampler: 1 - Fear Factory - "Damaged" (off Digimortal, in stores now) 2 - Machine Head - "Bulldozer" (off Supercharger, in stores 10/02) 3 - Chimaira - "Sp lit" (off Pass Out Of Existence, in stores 10/02) 4 - Ill Nino - "God Save Us" (off Revolution...Revolucion, in stores now) 5 - Dry Kill Logic - "Rot" (off The Darker Side Of Nonsense, in stores now) 6 - 36 Crazyfists - "Turns To Ashes" (off Bitterness The Star, due out January 2002) 7 - Anyone - "Whole World's Insane" (off their self titled debut, due out February 2002) 8 - Glassjaw - "Piano" (off Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence, in stores now) 9 - Sinch - "The Silent Acquiescience Of Millions" (demo) (off upcoming debut release, due out early 2002) 10 - Spineshank - "Asthmatic" (punctured Lung Mix) (off The Height Of Callousness digipak release, in stores now) 11 - Deicide - "In Torment In Hell" (off In Torment In Hell, in stores now) 12 - Nailbomb - "For Fuck's Sake" (off the Faust soundtrack, in stores now) 13 - Misfits - "Dead Kings Rise" (demo) 14 - Killswitch Engage - "Numbered Days" (demo) (off Alive Or Just Breathing?, due out early 2002) damn that took a long time to write...hope you enjoyed reading this listing. Remember to keep an eye for the Road Rage sampler giveaway on the site here soon, and on the streets at a rock show near you...AND, keep an eye out for some of this new music not yet on the site to be up soon (hint, hint, **cough** 36 Crazyfists **cough** hint)