Scar The Martyr just completed a North American tour with Rob Zombie and Korn (both of whom Joey Jordison has drummed for in the past); Derek Soto of Sinestra Studios shot some great live photos at their show in Las Vegas last week. Check out three above, then see the whole set on his site.

Says Soto of the show, "Scar The Martyr opened up the tour with fury. I missed their tour in NYC earlier this year when they played The Studio at Webster Hall, but I felt this band deserved to be on a grander stage. The venue was beyond beautiful and so much stage space. STM was energized with a 5 song set-list that managed to move a majority of the fans who were already present for the show. Joey Jordison continuously threw drumsticks into the audience as he kept playing on. Lead singer Henry Derek was awesome. There was a delivery in his stage presence that gave me awesome full photos, but his movement was just too unpredictable. I couldn’t really lock onto a good photo of him alone unless it was all hair or bad lighting. However, I managed to get 2 to 4 good ones of him by himself. The show was a kick ass start for the night. I want to see them headline soon and capture the full effect, but for now I am satiated with the environment I got to shoot this band in. I can sit back and blast my debut album I thoroughly enjoy and wait for the second album to be released."

Scar The Martyr's self-titled debut album is available everywhere now—grab a copy from the Roadrunner webstore!