Not sure if you are aware of this fact or not, but the FAUST soundtrack which we released on Tuesday (09/25) happens to be the 1st soundtrack we have ever done. (applause, please) Ever seen a movie and heard Obituary and Nailbomb thundering out of the speakers? Then see FAUST... Ever listen to a cd that has a Fear Factory track followed by a Coal Chamber track, followed by a Brujeria track, followed by a Sepultura track, followed by a Type O Negative track, followed by a Machine Head track, followed by a Vision Of Disorder track, followed by an Obituary track, and still have 11 more tracks to hear? Then grab the FAUST soundtrack. Roadrunner Records has been around in the US now for 17 years, opening for business in 1984 with a lawyer doing licensing deals. 17 years later, with our catalog being more ripe than ever, we finally put out our first soundtrack, a TRUE and AUTHENTIC METAL soundtrack that's as brutal as YOU should expect from our first try. With that in mind, the chick (probably could've come up with a better term) here whom is responsible for this FAUST soundtrack exclaims "Screw the critics!!!! This one is for the fans..." Screw the critics indeed... Check out our FREE SHIT section, we are currently offering up some FAUST t-shirts, and keep checking back to win autographed posters, cd's, and what not from the creators of FAUST. One last time, the FAUST track listing is as follows: 1. Fear Factory - Replica 2. Coal Chamber - Loco 3. Brujeria - Colas de Rata 4. Sepultura - Old Earth 5. Type O Negative - Everyone I Love is Dead 6. Machine Head - Take My Scars 7. Vision of Disorder - By the River 8. Obituary - Chopped in Half 9. Cradle of Filth - From the Cradle to Enslave 10. Soulfly - Bleed 11. Ill Nino - Nothing's Clear 12. Spineshank - Asthmatic 13. Sepultura - Choke 14. Amen - Everything is Untrue 15. Glassjaw - Babe 16. Nailbomb - For Fuck's Sake 17. Deicide - Bible Basher 18. Carnivore - Sex & Violence 19. Fear Factory - Timelessness in stores now