Monday (10/22) kicked off the Oracle Tour, a tour which finds Ill Nino out on the road with Kittie and labelmates Dry Kill Logic. Where did the tour start? You'll never guess this, but it started in Texas. Why does that seem odd? No reason, really...ceptin for the fact that 4 of the last 5 shows Ill Nino played on the Roadrunner Road Rage tour were Texas. Furthermore, as this is being written, they are on their way to Albuquerque, NM. And Albuquerque just happens to be last date on the Road Rage tour they played before them 4 Texas dates. What does all this mean? Simply as the title of this heading reads - SECOND HELPING IN THE SOUTHWEST. Enjoy. For more info on this tour, check out Here's something new for the Ill Nino fans, and to be quite honest, something exciting...on the homefront, Ill Nino is starting to get some spins on the main rock station here in NYC - KROCK, 92.3FM. They have played their track "What Comes Around" a few times now. If you want to be a part of the Ill Nino army, and you get this station, please give KROCK a bell and make your request known - 212.246.KROCK or 888.923.KROCK. Hey, and did we mention? There are tentative plans in the works that might have Ill Nino heading to Europe to tour with labelmates Machine Head after The Oracle Tour. More to come when this becomes more concrete... debut Ill Nino release Revolution...Revolucion in stores now