Times of Grace are nearing the January 18th release of their highly anticipated debut The Hymn of a Broken Man, and since we can't keep this incredible album to ourselves, we've been releasing a snippet of each track every week to showcase not only what's to come audibly, but also visually, as the special edition will include a bonus DVD of beautiful imagery to go along with each tune.
Made up of 13 songs total, today sees the debut of the 7th track so far, "Hope Remains." We should probably warn you that we aren't going in order of the album, and we should also warn you that there are still 6 more to come! Watch the latest below and go RIGHT HERE to see them all.
Times of Grace is the brainchild of Killswitch Engage's Adam Dutkiewicz and former KsE vocalist Jesse Leach. Teaming up to sonically conquer some personal demons, frontman Leach has described the forthcoming Hymn as "the record of my career" and explains that, "To me this record is so much more than just another record, it is a documentary of a moment in time that shaped Adam & I as individuals. I feel it is important to let all of you inside of our heads a bit, and hopefully have your own experience through the music & visuals."
To get a better idea of what he means, download lead single "Strength in Numbers" for FREE at this location.