"'King Bee' is an old blues song that Muddy Waters made famous," explains Kenny Wayne Shepherd in a track-by-track account of his band's brand new live album Live! In Chicago. "He did a really cool version of it, but we actually changed it up a little bit and turned it into more of a rock song." Explaining its connection to his renowned live shows, Kenny continues, "We usually do it at the end of the set as part of the encore and it just gets the crowd on their feet and gets them wound up."

And he wasn't kidding! Watch the video below to see the crowd come to life as Kenny Wayne Shepherd and his band run through the famed blues track their way.

Live! In Chicago is out now. The album features well-known staples from the Kenny Wayne Shepherd catalog alongside a batch of classic material chosen specially for onstage collaborations with blues legends like Hubert Sumlin, Willie "Big Eyes" Smith, Bryan Lee and Buddy Flett. Get your copy RIGHT HERE.