hot off the press...a press release from the world of Spineshank: SPINESHANK's SELF-DESTRUCTIVE PATTERN AT METAL RADIO BEGINS ALBUM SAMPLER GETS LOTS OF LOVE FROM THE FORMAT New York, NY: In everyday life, self-destructive patterns aren't usually a good thing. But in the world of Metal Radio, a self-destructive pattern rules. SPINESHANK makes its return to the format in the form of a 4-song sampler from its upcoming third album, Self-Destructive Pattern. The sampler, featuring the album's most bloodthirsty, fangs-bared cuts in the form of "Violent Mood Swings," "Slavery," "Consumed (Obsessive Compulsive)," and "Stillborn," was #1 Most Added at CMJ Loud Rock and CMJ Crucial Spins, beating out Metallica and In Flames, who also had records going for adds. The sampler was #2 Most Added at FMQB Metal Detector, missing the #1 slot by one measly add. It appears that SPINESHANK is off to a healthy, heavy start at Metal Radio. The band are currently at home rehearsing and preparing for a tour to be announced shortly.