The latest from the world of Fear Factory, as told by Burton C Bell: "The FF crew is heading out to Australia to prepare for some shows with KORN and to shoot a video for 'Cyberwaste'. We are going to get some cheap, but well made live video footage type of imagery. We have never shot a video like this before, so we are looking forward to this one. The point of it is to place it on the enhanced album CD that will be released. An album with the video footage! Another really cool thing is that we are, for the very first time, playing Seoul, South Korea! I am really excited to see this place. I have heard great things about it and also (heard) some wild stories from friends who have played there! "On our way to Australia, we are laying over in Honolulu for 3 hours! Why could it not be 3 days? Byron Stroud is doing really awesome at rehearsals. X-tian and Raymond are feeling comfortable with him and that is a great sign! He already passed the drinking and eating test, now he is showing us what a bad-ass bass player he is! "Archetype is mastered! X-tian and Raymond arrived in NYC, to be part of the mastering session. We went to HOWIE WEINBERG at Masterdisk and he turned ARCHETYPE into a monstersound! I love how it sounds and the music is loud as fuck!!! We are all psyched for everyone to hear this album, and we are ready to play live and rock hard for all our friends! "Thank you for all of your support. We really are grateful and we will always do our best! See you against the barricade!" Burton C. Bell