Hi there! This is Estevam (sepultura.com.br webmaster) and Eric 'Viking' writing from RoadRunner's office in NYC! We came to New York to meet Sepultura and yesterday we had the chance to listen to the Dr. Israel mixing of the song 'Tribe To Nation'. Awesome song, you guys will love it! It's heavy, fast and noisy. 100% Sepultura shit. They'll start mixing the album today with Steve Thompson and we'll probably meet them in the studio. Tonight we'll hang out at CBGB's and see some local metal bands! That's it, it's too damn cold in this city. I gotta get back to Brazil! Falou! Hey, I'd like to send out a special thanks to Estevam and Eric for first off, coming to NYC (from Brazil and Canada) to see Sepultura during the mixing process and second, for stopping by the Roadrunner Office amongst their travels. It was great meeting the both of you, see you at CBGB's tonight! In the meantime, please check out their website, which is the official Sepultura website, at www.sepultura.com.br And in the same family, check out Swen's site at www.sepultribe.com