Mark it on the calendar - Fear Factory's first and last offering, Concrete, will be released on July 30th. Journey back to when this SoCal metal act was just beginning...hell, back when drummer Raymond Herrera was still in high school. Recorded in 1991, just about 1 year after the band formed, this 16 song recording secured Fear Factory a deal with Roadrunner, and was the start of a very bright future for a then unknown Ross Robinson. 16 tracks in total: 8 of which were re-recorded for 1992's Soul Of A New Machine debut, 4 of which have never been heard, and 4 which later morphed into other songs. Tells guitarist Dino Cazares, "Honestly, I think Concrete sounded better than Soul Of A New Machine. Ross is really good at capturing the moment." For more info on this release, check out the new Fear Factory BIO