So, both Spineshank and Dry Kill Logic were expected back last Thursday (09/13)from their first ever tour in the UK. As we previously wrote, they ended up having to hang out a bit longer. As of today, both bands are back in the US. An email for our Roadrunner counterpart in the UK office, Kirsten, told the following: Spineshank got a flight home on Saturday - right after I took them out to a(nother) London rock club for drinks and debauchery the night before...I don't know how early their flight was, but I bet they managed to sleep most of the way home!! Gonna miss them guys and the silly English accents they've been practising... send em back soon. Word is, Spineshank is now getting their 'write-on', if you know what we mean (i.e. writing songs for their 3rd release). Kirsten continues: Dry Kill Logic have been spending all their spare time promoting themselves - some lucky fans came out of the Linkin Park show in London Sunday night all excited coz they saw people giving out DKL stickers, and having gone to grab themselves a couple, they were even more wowed to see it was the band themselves! Mass signing and photographing (again) took place we hear. I think they managed to get a flight home on Monday. There's been no news reports of alternative Spice Girls around Stonehenge this week, so I reckon they made it back okay. Kirsten, much thanks for the report...however next time I am sure we could do without the British humor (an oxymoron?) and spelling! (just kidding, but of course!) To follow up on Dry Kill Logic, they actually got back to New York late last night (09/17). Today they are scrambling to get their shit together before driving down to Florida tomorrow morning (09/19) for the first show of what is to be their next leg of touring (see TOUR section for full details - and yes, many more dates to be confirmed shortly). Oh, and one last bit of Dry Kill Logic tour info, another POSTCARD FROM THE ROAD. A postcard which was sent during their travels of the UK, a postcard which we just received yesterday. You can see this latest piece, something we like to call Castles Of Scotland, in the DKL PHOTO GALLERY. And yes, she's a beaut! Spineshank Height Of Callousness digipak in stores 09/25 Dry Kill Logic The Darker Side Of Nonsense in stores now