Last week, at some benefit in Atlanta, a band called Shit Filter made their debut. "Fuckin' hilarious," tells one unnamed person at the show (and possibly in the band). With a bunch of bands on the bill, Shit Filter's first show was in front of a descent sized crowd. The band, all incognito (reportedly wearing ski masks and face paint), was described by another source as being "the G.G. Allin experience without the shit." Shit Filter was afforded twenty minutes to play their blistering three song amazing feat, considering each of their songs is only 2 minutes a piece...true. So, what the hell does all of the above have to do with doubleDrive? Not quite sure, perhaps nothing at all...BUT, currently doubleDrive is back home in Atlanta messing around with some new gear...sharpening the knives, if you will. Word has it that bassist Josh is now 5200 watts strong, that's bowel moving frequency. "It doesn't hurt you, it consumes you," explains frontman Donnie. As for Donnie and fellow guitarist Troy, they are in the midst of working over a couple amps in search of the right tone. Oh, and if anyone from Peavey out there is reading this, the doubleDrive boys send their gratitude. Did You Know? Pt I Dave Ellefson, former Megadeth bassist, happens to be dD's Peavey rep. True. Did You Know? Pt II doubleDrive will be playing a few shows with Seether come the first week in December...down south, like...with a possible Chattanooga show on New Year's Eve. Check our TOUR section for confirmed dates, and keep checking back for more news to come. doubleDrive Blue In The Face coming early spring 2003