Not sure if you are aware or not, but we previously mentioned about Ill Nino starting to get some airplay on their hometown rock station here in New York, KROCK. Well, they have been spinning the track "What Comes Around", and thanks to you peeps in the NY/NJ area requesting it, the track actually went to #1 on KROCK's daily Furious Five at Nine. Cheers to you make all the difference in the world. Keep the calls coming, or keep hitting up the KROCK website with your vote at Hey, and word for them road is that Ill Nino's first two shows in Europe went great. We should have a detailed telling of opening night shortly from someone whom was there... random fact - we previously wrote that after playing the Oracle tour, Ill Nino drove straight from Detroit to Newark airport for their flight to Europe. So, what did they do with their wheels? Ill Nino's faithful soundman Ben, who did not make the trip abroad, drove the RV back from where it came. Now here's the fact, from an idea taken from the 2nd Austin Powers movie, Ben affectionately refers to drummer Dave Chavarri as 'mini-me'. It's true. put that in your pipe and smoke it... Ill Nino debut Revolution...Revolucion in stores now