Ever check out Shoutweb? If you are reading the news here, odds are you have been there too...cool. And if not, well here ya go... Shoutweb recently put up an interesting piece on their picks of 2002. As they put it, "Shoutweb's album reviews crew rank the best and worst albums of 2002. The crew listen to every new album and rank them by quality." Well, the first installment is up online, and Roadrunner has some representation (no collusion here folks, seriously). Roadrunner releases ranking in Shoutweb's Top 30 Best Of 2002 are: #2 - 36 Crazyfists - Bitterness The Star (released earlier this week on April 4th, currently on tour) #6 - Killswitch Engage - Alive Or Just Breathing (release date May 21st, and as Shoutweb tells, an "overall bad ass metal release"...and damn it if they aren't right) #10 - Sinch - Sinch (coming Summer 2002, number fuckin' 10) #15 - Five Pointe O - Untitled (out now, currently on tour) #21 - Coal Chamber - Dark Days (release date May 5th, currently on tour) #25 - Anyone - Anyone (out now, this is something you ain't never seen nor heard before...check it out) For Shoutweb's full listings and thoughts, you can go directly this best of 2002 page by clicking HERE.