As with any blessed event - such receiving the Eucharist, finishing a prayer, entering a church, leaving a church, exorcizing a demon, whatever it might be - one always does the sign of the cross, followed by the word "Amen". Well, the blessed event that is Chimaira on tour with Slayer has officially ended. So, we ask you to give the sign of the cross, and say 'Amen'. Unfortunately, this blessed event has ended two days earlier than expected. Last night (12/10) the band had to cancel their performance, and tonight, closing night, in Phoenix will be no different. It just so happens that last week on 12/04 during a show in Portland, Chimaira vocalist Mark Hunter had a front tooth knocked out...well, not fully out, just half of it. Things were taken care of and Chimaira went on with the rest of the shows that week. Road Crew leader Ro, who saw them play out in Cali on 12/06 said they were 'awesome'. Yes, he did use that word. However, with the new cap on the tooth, a viral infection has now developed causing swelling of the face. Doctor's orders - stay in the hospital for the next couple days and let's make sure this infection does not become more severe or spread further. And with that, the blessed event that is touring with Slayer has come to an early end. Mark, all our best wishes go out to you. Sign Of The Cross, 'Amen' future tour plans forthcoming, debut release Pass Out Of Existence in stores now