A virtual marathon of Nickelback updates to present - recording When we last visited the topic of Nickelback, it was told that they were still recording their sophomore effort entitled Silver Side Up. It was further told that recording would finish up on June 8th. Well, the news is true! The recording for Silver Side Up is complete. mixing Next order of business - mixing. Mixing for this project commenced this past Monday (06/11) with Randy Staub (noted for his work with Metallica) at the Armoury in Vancouver. Mixing should be complete come June 30th. radio The first single from the upcoming LP is a song titled "How You Remind Me". The track has been mixed and mastered and will be hitting the radio airwaves sometime this summer. video The set up of a video for the single "How You Remind Me" is also taking place. Currently, a late June/early July video shoot is being eyed. No definite plans yet on where the shoot will be or what exact shape it will take. tour Remember these guys being on the road forever in support of their debut The State? Actually, they never really left the road as they have been doing one off shows here and there throughout the recording of their upcoming release. Currently, Nickelback has four dates lined up in Canada for the month of July. Come mid to late August, they could possibly be heading to Europe for some festival shows. After that? Most likely back to the states hitting the ground running. Want more? As of now, a September release is being eyed for Silver Side Up. 'recording' and 'mixing' write ups have been confirmed and are in accordance with the Production Gospel According to Dave (Phase II is upon us...you have been warned...resistance is futile...). The remaining write ups, though they could end up being exactly as written, are not etched in stone..