Sinch is currently writing material for a new fact, word from the band is that they are close to completion and will start recording fairly soon. As the band is currently focusing on a new album, there are no plans for shows any time in the near future, at least not until recording of the new album is complete. HOWEVER, in the meantime, they are looking for your help in regards to a DVD to accompany the new album. Details from the band are as follows: BE A PART OF OUR UPCOMING DVD PROJECT -------------------------------------- We need some help. For our next album, we are putting together a DVD that will be included as a bonus disc. Details on what will be included on the DVD will be announced at a later date, but one of the things we'd like to include is some video content submitted by fans. You can submit pretty much anything you want, but we have a few guidelines and suggestions (see below) that you might want to take a look at. Basically, we're trying to leave it pretty much wide open so you can be creative and hopefully come up with some interesting stuff. Obviously, we're asking for video content, but if you don't have access to a video camera you can do something else: artwork, photos, animation, audio recording, etc. Keep in mind that we will require that you sign a release form (which you can find down below) to allow us to use whatever you send in. If you're not comfortable with that, we can understand, but unfortunately we won't be able to include your submission on the DVD. So here are some guidelines and suggestions: - First of all, submissions must be all original content. Meaning that you can't record something off of the TV or from another DVD and you can't include any music, words or images that you do not own the copyright to. - We will accept submissions in the following formats: MiniDV (preferred), VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8/8mm, DVD, CD-ROM. We prefer MiniDV or one of the other tape formats, but we'll try to accept pretty much anything you have. Obviously, for stuff other than video, we can accept it in whatever format you have. If it is scanned photos or artwork, the higher the resolution the better. - Answer the following question: "What is the Ocular Noise Machine?" - Answer the following question: "What is Sinch?" - Explain how you discovered the band, an experience you had at a show, an experience you had listening to our music, or anything that is somehow related to the band. - Explain something that is completely random and unrelated to this band. Show us your collection of questionable medical devices. Take us on a tour of your local UFO landing site. Interview your local gas station attendant about the possibility of a fourth dimension. Whatever. All submissions should be sent to: Sinch P.O. Box 1624 Doylestown, PA 18901 All submissions MUST INCLUDE the following, signed release form: We don't have a specific deadline just yet, but try to have your submission to us by the end of August. We will probably have a more specific date as we get closer to completing the album. Also, we will not be returning any submissions, so be sure to make copies before you send anything in. And once again, if your submission does not include a signed release form, we will not be able to use it. Feel free to email us if you have any questions. [email protected]