Slipknot percussionist/mastermind M. Shawn "Clown" Crahan was recently interviewed by Spin magazine, and he talked about the band's upcoming compilation Antennas to Hell, his feelings about the band's late bassist Paul Gray, and much more.

Says Clown, explaining why Antennas to Hell isn't called Slipknot's Greatest Hits or The Best of Slipknot, "'Greatest Hits' means one of three things to me. Either the band is breaking up, they're trying to get off their record company, or they've become some pathetic infomercial at two in the morning and their label is sucking them dry while a couple of 'rock star' actors try to sell their shit when they should be jamming."

He goes into some detail about Antennas to Hell's (amazing) artwork, saying, "I spent two months on the CD booklet. You don't just get a little piece of paper that goes inside the album cover. You get a huge booklet of some sculpture, photographs and theory that kids can ponder, conceptualize and really enjoy."

He also discusses his memories of Paul Gray, saying, "He used to live at my house. We used to run together on the weekends creating hell. I loved his music and I would never have had the chance to do what I'm doing if he didn't believe in my art from the beginning."

There's much more, so read the whole thing!

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