Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor was interviewed this week by, and had a lot to say about touring, playing summer festivals, and how he feels about the band's forthcoming compilation, Antennas to Hell (which is now available for pre-order).

Recalls Taylor, "The first Ozzfest we played in 1999 was in West Palm Beach, Florida. It was May 29. I remember it was the hottest show I'd ever played up until that point. When we first started, we only had about 200 people. By the time we were done with our set, the whole area was filled. People were pouring in over the hills towards the stage. It was pretty sweet [Laughs]. We went on super early at like noon. It was a good time. I remember that specifically because we spent three days getting down there. We'd never been on a tour bus before. We had to figure stuff out. We all had too much luggage. It was ridiculous. We were all staying on one bus. All of our masks and coveralls were in there, and it stank so badly. I remember for the longest time we lived off of one giant bag of Goldfish crackers and tuna fish. That was all we had for a month and a half. It kept us alive long enough to get to the next gigs."

Regarding Antennas to Hell, he calls it "a snapshot. This is our salute to the Paul [Gray] years. That's what I'm going to refer to it as. We made so many great songs with Paul. Even the songs Paul didn't write he made better naturally. This is our way of showing a testament to Paul and what his legacy was as well as how many great songs came from those years. It's going to be weird and interesting to see what happens in the future but , if nothing else happens, we had four great albums with Paul. This is our little salute to him."

There's much more, so read the whole thing!