On November 22, 2002, Slipknot's second video release, Disasterpieces, first became available. The two-DVD set documented a complete show from the London Dockland Arena in England (a venue which doesn't exist anymore), and added a half dozen music videos - "My Plague," "Left Behind," "Left Behind (Director's Cut)," "Wait and Bleed (Live)," "Wait and Bleed (Claymation Version)," and "Spit It Out" - as well as the song "Purity" (which had been removed from the band's self-titled album) to a second disc.

The shoot was directed by Matthew Amos, who used 26 different cameras to capture the performance in full. This included cameras attached to each of the bandmembers' masks, except for Mick Thomson, who attached his to the headstock of his guitar. (The DVD allows the viewer to choose different "mask-cam" options when watching the songs "People = Shit" and "The Heretic Anthem.") Some of them had an easier time dealing with this than others - Paul Gray removed his camera pack after four songs, when it started to slide off his body; Sid Wilson's was stolen when he dove into the crowd, though it was returned after the show.

The mass of footage was edited by M. Shawn "Clown" Crahan, who did it the hardest possible way, going in with no outline or notes and watching every minute of the footage in order to cull the best moments. "I didn't really have an outline, because the first thing was, you know, let's check out what we have," he said at the time. "So, I watched all the footage. I watched it all, man. I don't think anybody believed me that I was going to do that, but I did. So I went. That's what I do. I mold. I look for 'the fuck.' I call it 'the fuck.' I look for those things that makes me taste and smell and gets me excited. I look for those things to start it off, and once I have a few of those then I get going. And then the plot goes from there."

The resulting document isn't just an amazing Slipknot DVD; it's one of the most exciting live videos ever, by any band. It captures the group in the wake of their hardest, most furious album, Iowa, presenting the kind of show that has made them one of the biggest live attractions in metal. And fans responded with wild enthusiasm when it was released; it reached #3 on the Billboard home video charts, and eventually went quadruple platinum.

Watch "Surfacing" above now!

Disasterpieces is available everywhere now - if you've never seen it, grab a copy from the Roadrunner webstore!