ArtistDirect recently asked a bunch of rock and metal artists about the first time they heard Slipknot, and several of the band's fellow Roadrunner acts offered memories.

Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer said, "I came off of a tour and heard their first record. Ross Robinson gave it to me in 1999. He said, 'Listen to this. It will change your life.' I couldn't believe some of the riffs I was hearing. That level of intensity and anger was something I always wanted my own band to accomplish. We played a European festival with them, and I remember them walking around backstage in their masks. They were super intimidating, even though they're just normal guys [laughs]. Paul Gray was probably one of the nicest most down-to-earth people ever. I can't say enough good things about that guy."

DragonForce bassist Frédéric Leclercq said, "I discovered Slipknot back in 1999, but I thought they were just a nu metal band so I didn’t really know what they sounded like. I just kept saying, 'Nah, it's not my thing' just to sound true and underground! I later finally discovered that their music was in fact very brutal and terribly catchy! We toured with them in 2008 for a summer festival and got to know the guys—whether I was drinking espressos with Jim Root or shots of Jack with Craig Jones, or discussing death metal with Joey Jordison! I remember partying way too hard with them one night and missing my bus call! My favorite album would be Iowa, but I also need to mention Vol.3: The Subliminal Verses because of the song 'Duality.'"

Chris Shelley, vocalist for At the Skylines, said, "Fuck yes! I love Slipknot. After listening to Slipknot and reading the lyrics, I was like, 'Shit, these guys are for real. Their music is awesome.' That was three or four years ago. Ever since then, I've been a huge fan of them. The lyrics are brilliant. I'd love to tour with Slipknot. It's a high hope. The fact we're on the same label is awesome because I love that band. My favorite record is All Hope Is Gone. All of Slipknot's albums are incredible which makes them awesome. You can go and listen to the first, and it's just as good as the newest one."

Read the whole thing - it also includes quotes from Rob Zombie, members of DevilDriver, and many more!

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