At the 2012 Revolver Golden Gods Awards, three members of Slipknot – frontman Corey Taylor, DJ Sid Wilson and percussionist/mastermind M. Shawn "Clown" Crahan – presented the brand-new Paul Gray Best Bassist award, named in honor of the band's founding bassist, who died in May 2010. interviewed the three about the award and what it meant to them.

Said Taylor, “It means a lot to us...because we know it would mean a lot to Paul. He was so proud of this band, proud of what he did and proud of his accomplishments. For them to put his name on this – which to me is honestly a really overlooked position in the band, a good bass player locks it down – so for Pauly to have his name on that is just wonderful.”

Crahan added, “Also when I think about my brother, when we started the band the one thing he loved more than anything besides obviously his mom, his family – he loved it when we [Slipknot] were together.”

Slipknot themselves won the Comeback of the Year award at the show.

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