Slipknot's two guitarists, Jim Root and Mick Thomson, recently sat for a MusicRadar interview during which they went into detail about their gear and how they get their unique sound.

Recalling the sessions for the 1999 self-titled album, Mick says, "On the first record I was limited by finances, it was just use what you got. That was the deal. I ended up recording that record with a Rocktron Piranha into a [Mesa] Boogie 295, an old power amp." Jim adds, "My approach in 1999 was basically to play what I had, that was all I could do. At the time I was broke. I think I only had one guitar, a flametop green Jackson and I had these DC-10 Mesa Boogie heads. I think I had a cheap Shure wireless."

Mick adds, "I will grab Jim’s guitar and they feel so different to the way that mine feel. His amps sound so different to how mine sound and feel and it feels so foreign that I’m like, ‘I don’t know how the hell you play this!’ Guitars and tone are very personal things." He also admits that his equipment has evolved as Slipknot has become more and more successful, saying, "over a long period of time I stepped up to some decent gear. Then we started doing well and people want to give you gear, ‘I can now afford it but now you mother fuckers are going to give it to me? Where the fuck were you 15 years ago?’ That’s the way it works I guess."

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