The stage has been set for Ozzfest 2001. Side stage alumnists Slipknot will be playing the mainstage for this year's festivities alongside Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson, Papa Roach, and Linkin Park. Featured on the side stage this year will be Disturbed, Mudvayne, Union Underground, and Pure Rubbish. The side stage for this summer event will work on a rotating stage, meaning that as soon as one band is finished, the next will start - there will be no wasted time between sets. This will be Slipknot's second showing at Ozzfest. You can expect to have their 2nd release in your hand in time for this summer festival. The band is still recording out in LA, working SEVEN days a week...that's right, no time off whatsoever. From what we hear, things are going great and moving very quickly. The band is scheduled to be in the studio until March 10th.