The band are excited about their Grammy Nomination, but cautious too. This is what Corey Taylor had to say about the situation - "In the 5th century BC, there was a Samurai warrior who had an interesting way of celebrating his birthday. Every year, he had what he called his 'Resurrection Day', where he would give himself a new name, possibly to become another person. He did this every year, taking a new name and living his life as if that would be the last year he was alive, which in theory was correct. The parable here is that you never know what is going to happen as your life goes on. This year, Slipknot is nominated for a Grammy, which I consider a great honor. But you never know what's gonna happen next year. My heart is thrilled that we've even been considered for this. And at the same time, my brain tells me to be happy, but never, EVER be content. For content is the death of dreams. And we've got a lot of dreaming left in us."