"He’s a man who’s toured the world time and time again, racked up countless record sales and pounded out some of the meanest and most poisonously melodic riffs of the twenty-first century - and he’s done it with not one, but two Gold and Platinum certified metal bands," write Altsounds in their recent interview with Slipknot/ Stone Sour's axe-wielder. "Jim Root is a man to be admired."

In the extensive interview, the admirable Mr. Root discusses not only the recent Stone Sour release Audio Secrecy, but also the band's current tour with Avenged Sevenfold (and the plans to take that show to US shores in 2011) as well as life on the road in general after all these years.  Read an excerpt of the Q&A below and go right here to read the full feature.

AltSounds: [laughs] So if you could sum up the new album in just one word - sorry man, bitch of a question - which would you choose?
Jim Root: [laughs] Hmm… that's hard. I’m gonna have to say diverse. You’ve got songs like “Mission Statement” and then you’ve got songs like “Dying.” Then there’s “Say You’ll Haunt Me,” in comparison to “Threadbare.” It’s really all over the map, and that’s what you’re gonna get from us. Until we get the time to write an album as a band, that’s exactly what you’ll get. And to be honest, I’m not so sure it’s anything we should fuck with, y’know? That might just be the way this band works. If we were to sit down and have an entire year to write a record as a band, I don’t know how it would turn out. We do have a few tracks we’ve written completely together, ‘Come What(ever) May,’ and ‘Digital.’ So it could work out well.

AltSounds: You guys also played Download this year, how did you find that?
Jim Root: Oh yeah man that was awesome. I kind of wish we were playing it this year [the 2011 festival season] instead of last year, because when we played Download we hadn’t really toured yet, we hadn’t got together and played any of the old songs, y’know? Being away from a band for almost three years means you need time to gel again, and becoming comfortable again. I think our forte is being a live band – that’s where we really excel. But by the time we were playing Download, we only had one or two weeks worth of shows underneath our belt since 2008. It was a little bit unsure in some ways, but we’re definitely gelled as a band now, and the confidence level is way up. Given the circumstances, I’d rather be playing it this year than the previous year.

AltSounds: [laughs] Does the Jim Root we see on stage differ greatly from the Jim Root off stage?
Jim Root: I definitely have a higher confidence level on stage than I do in real life, suddenly all my inhibitions are out the window. So, take that confidence and ignore all of my inhibitions and it’s… dangerous [laughs].

AltSounds: If you were to talk to the Jim Root from 1995 who just joined Stone Sour, what do you think he would be surprised to see in you today?
Jim Root: Wow, that was a completely different guy. I think he’d be really surprised at a lot of things – I don’t drink or do drugs or anything like that any more, and back in ’95 I was a lush. It’s weird, ‘cos it’s hard to say how much the music industry has affected me, how much touring has affected me and how much just growing up has affected me. If you take the music industry and touring out of the equation, and you’ve got a person who matures in “normal life,” they’re gonna mature a little bit differently than someone who lives like this. I think in a lot of ways some people regress when they get to a certain level. You always try to challenge yourself mentally and always try to do better and learn new things, but sometimes I see people who have actually forgotten just how to lift a suitcase. They leave something somewhere and expect someone else to get it for them. There’s definitely a regression that happens, and I catch myself doing it every once in a while. I’ll go to my guitar tech Mark, and I’ll be like “where the fuck are my earplugs?” and he’s like “they’re probably where you left them, dumbass.” [Laughs] But you’ve gotta work through it and realise who you are. Maybe someday I’ll remember that guy from ’95 and take all of his best traits and combine them with the best traits of this guy who’s talking to you now.